Hounds of Love
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Happy boy
Born: 4/25/2000
Height: 15 inches
Weight: 15 lbs

Favorite toy: Cricket

Nick name: Broccoli Roccoli, Rock Star, Rock-Rock, Rockzilla, The Rock Obama, Houdini (because I can get into or out of anything!)

Favorite treat: going to the dog park

Quote: You mean I get to stay here?!

I came to my forever home 8/4/2003. My parents found me through IG Rescue of PA and drove 7 hours each way to get me! I was so excited to meet my new parents that I peed all over my new mom! She said "He marked me, I guess I belong to him now!" and home we went! I now have a brother and sister and couldn't be happier. I like to sing for my dinner and will do a pirouette standing on my hind legs for a treat. I'm making friends at the dog park and I've put on some weight — I was pretty skinny when I came into rescue. Click here for my pedigree.

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