Hounds of Love
Halloween 2003

dog art

Rocky on his way to his forever home!
Mama's favorite picture of Claudio and Cricket.
Baby Cricket!
We like Grandma's couch.
Cricket challenges Memphis to a game of Tug-O-War!
Statuesque Claudio.
Claudio tired from helping Santa.
Cricket has met her match ;-)
Halloween 2003
The princess is tired from the ball.
Claudio in transit.
Baby Memphis
Memphis the Great
Blizzard 2003
Skinny Rocky
Cricket at it again!
The IG lounge.
Sleepy Claudio in his party shirt.
The blurry action shot.
Oh, the life of a princess . . .
Uh oh, Rocky has Cricket's hamster . . .
It's on now!
Red Rocky
Purple princess
On the royal pillow.
Rocky, a study in red.
rocky wash
Claudio the sun king
Sphinxio — the king sunning himself.
"I don't care if it's dirty!"
Boone jewel
Cricket snuggle puppy
Snuggle puppy!
Boone: "I feel pretty"
I'm ready!