Hounds of Love
Memphis T. Butterfield Luna
Ivy — Our feline friend. She's a little grey cat that came from a pig farm.
Memphis — a smooth coat St. Bernard.
Claudio is his godfather!
Click here for Memphis' website.
Luna — Our new baby cousin!!!
She's a black German Shepherd.
Boone — Our newest baby cousin!!!
He was rescued from the mountains of West VA. We think he's an Akita mix.
Loa — Our reptile friend.
Loa is a Ball Python.
Tao — The wonder dog!
He's a Golden Retriever.
Luciano! Genie
Pablo — A Border Collie mix.
Lucci — The new IG in town! He came from the same rescue as Rocky — Italian Greyhound Rescue of Western PA
Genie — Claudio's girlfriend who lives in Georgia now. She's a beagle mix.
The Turtle and Claudio
Ruby — She's a Vizsla.
The Turtle — We discovered he lives in our backyard!
Jack — He's a Yellow Lab.
Zellie — She's a Boxer/Mastiff mix.
Paiute — He's a Fluffy English Mastiff.
Davey — Our Equine cousin and Luna & Boone's big brother. He's a Connemara Pony and Irish Thoroughbred mix.