Hounds of Love
Cricket heart
Born: 3/25/2002
Height: 14.5 inches
Weight: 14 lbs

Favorite toy: A mechanical mexican hamster that sings la cucaracha in a Cartman from South Park voice (not an actual dog toy). All of the toys belong to me, by the way.

Nick name: CeCe, Cricklet, C-monster, C-monkey, baby girl

Favorite treat: anything edible

Quote: Are you gonna eat that?

I was turned over to the rescue authorities at 2 months old after being convicted of terrorizing my full-size greyhound sibling to the point that he stopped eating. I just wanted to play, is that a crime?! Anyway, the kind people at the big greyhound rescue took me in and found me a home with an IG to terrorize! Boy, was Claudio lucky or what? My parents like me so much that they got me another brother to boss around named Rocky. I whine every morning until Rocky cleans my face. I like to wait until Claudio has properly warmed a blanket on the loveseat so I can hover over him until he moves and then I can lay down in the warm spot. I especially like to bark at other dogs when my brothers are there to back me up and then run away so they can finish what I started. Their lives would be sooo boring without me! Click here for my pedigree.

oh so innocent
Rocky heart
Cricket and her hamster
Claudio heart