Hounds of Love
Born: 10/10/1997
Height: 17.5 inches
Weight: 17 lbs

Favorite toy: Anything before Cricket takes it away

Nick name: Claudioooooo! Chia Pet, Claudito

Favorite treat: I go crazy when there is pizza in the house! I also LOVE anything mint, especially toothpaste. I beg for it every night when mama brushes her teeth!

Quote: All you need is love (and an IG!)

I came to live with my parents after my Dad discovered me in a pet store. My parents had looked into adopting a full-size greyhound, but they lived in an apartment at the time and couldn't have a dog that big. They didn't even know that IGs existed then! I turned out to be the perfect dog for them. After they got me they learned the truth about pet store dogs and found out about IG rescue. I started to have seizures around 2-3 years old. Instead of medicating me, we tried a diet change. I began the BARF diet in November of 2001. Since then the frequency and intensity of my seizures has significantly decreased. It helps to keep my teeth clean too. Now I have a little sister and brother to keep me company. I'm a happy guy! Click here for my pedigree.

Super Claudio!
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