Born in the winter of 2004 under the name Cipher, Paloma would come to reveal itself as a menacing, hard rock experience capable of creating an emotional and passionate world to house its music.

Jose Maldonado (ex-Liquid Gang, Lava/Atlantic) was seeking a pair of guitarists to bring his ideas to life. He found this spark in high school friends Barrett James and Steve Irlenborn. Their intuitive playing melded with what Jose had been writing and the three found themselves in a springtime of creativity.

By June they were ready to record in Nashville with producers Ken Koomer and Charlie Brocco. Out of Nashville came the EP “Welcome to my Kingdom” featuring “On and On” a powerful questioning of motives, “In the Wintertime” a crescendo of what could be, and “For You” about the gift of choice.

Returning to Philadelphia, Paloma first solidified their line up with the intensity and explosive power of Harold Echols’ drumming. Next, Eric Nagy (ex-Liquid Gang, Lava/Atlantic and Ether Seeds, Roadrunner) would reunite with Jose for the chest rumbling bass that would ground the group firmly in their innovative sound.

With five pieces now locked in as one, Paloma moves forward, challenging themselves to move you, while relating their life/death/joy/pain experience in music.

This is their reality.

This is Paloma.

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